diary entrys

MONDAY:on Monday we started the individual tasks and miss was giving us turtorial on it and how to get to now the website and how to use it

TUESDAY:we had a lesson to work on our individual task and had learnt a lot of new thing on how to use the site and what to do.

WEDNESDAY:we had to start research on and to choose what company we were gonna do, so we started to research different types pf company, so we had to choose one company and were about we were gonna find the it and ho many are on the world.

THURSDAY:we had to hand in our individual task to miss and she had to mark it and i got 7 out of 10,we finished our project planner and done our information to what company we are gonna do

FRIDAY:we started on our outline of our group site and started to do the narative, got it cheked by miss and marked and so that we could start on the website and research the company and descided what we were gonna do and that is franlin’s

MONDAY: we got started on our group site and had to research what backround we had to do and how we were gonna set it out on the page, we descided to do put the titles on the top of the page under the heading and stay there completyly.

TUESDAY: we started to research on our information and what we were gonna put on the site we descided to put franklins

WEDNESDAY: we had to get all our information and put it together, then we had to make the site by starting put the site as like ABOUT US, INTERVEIW , CONTACT US, CAREERS, PICTURES, and HOME it took us a while cause wanted it to stay there.

MONDAY: we got assigned to get photos of our franklins store, and to interveiw and due in the next day, we had to add all the backrounds and do all the colour and have all the pictures put in to the site


“The world is getting smaller”. What does this mean

It is easier to contact other people in the world and to get to now other poeple and speak to new people everyday on msn, you can speak to people at any time of the day, the population is getting bigger and everyone nows every in our world now.

Development Diary

MONAY Today i have started my personal website, and hope to make a lot of process.
today I would like to:
Finish my planner.
Complete my resume, about me and interest pages. Next lesson I would like to get to the stage of putting my information in.
TUESDAY This lesson i have completed my planner and all my information
WESENDAY Today I finished my individual website and received a 10 out of 10, which i was very happy with. Today i found the framesets to be very confusing but with the help of Mrs West i managed to complete it. I also found that my organisation with the folders in Dreamweaver. I overcome this by organisation my whole hard drive.   Next lesson
THURSDAY Today i finished my written planner and we have started with our group website.

What will the world look like in 2020? Focus on technology including the Internet.

The world already is a very advanced place. The technology has advanced so much in the film industry(special effects) and etc. but the main thing is the internet. the internet is the best source for all information and communication, you can buy things online, sell things online, talk to people, send mails, watch video’s, share things, facebook etc. Internet has become a significant part of our lives in today’s world. The internet is already a amazing thing but by 2020 i cannot even imagine what it will be like. I think by that time in schools, offices and etc will no longer be using paper it will become a paper free world where everything will be shared and stored online. Things such as mobile phones will become smaller and will have everything in them possible. People will slowly start to get replaced by robots which will do all the dirty and dangerous jobs. This will mainly come in handy for people that are disabled and just normal households but will be used more importantly by the military.

How do well sell Australian industry, businesses, companies and resources to the world?

Well we can sell our industries, businesses, and resources by marketing campaigns such as advertising. Some ways they could sell Australian could be during world events such as WYD, Fifa world cup, Olympics.

This Qantas commercial which was played throw many countries is advertising one of Australia’s largest growing company

Qantas Australia – I Still Call Australia Home

How do we ‘sell’ Australia to the world?

Well Australia’s biggest asset is the ocean,  as shown in the in the image below.

          Australia has one of the worlds largest coast line at 59,679km
Australia has one of the worlds largest coast line at 59,679km

When people think of a holiday they think of sun, water , beach and Australia has it all to offer. Australia has the largest coral reef.(the Great Barrier Reef)

Australia also has the many known icons such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Uluru Ect. Australia is also known for its night life and major celebrations such as New Years Eve.

What would the world look like if the Internet was never invented?

The world without internet is a can have many outcomes. To lay down the negative and the positives of What “the world look like if the Internet was never invented’?



  • communication (slower) and harder to send or receive messages.
  • there would be no scammers/Trojans
  • Not good for the economy
  • We wouldn’t have any expensive internet bills 
  • Sales will be progressing very SLOWLY